Why you’ll love African Blue Basil

African Blue Basil

African Blue Basil


This is such a brilliant herb that we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it, simply because we believe that you absolutely HAVE to grow it in your garden.

It is one of the few perennial basil plants available, which means that you’ll get a few years out of it rather than having to replace it next spring. That’s advantage number one.

Advantage number two is that it is really good for growing in pots. Just make sure it’s got good drainage.

Advantage number three is that it looks fab…it starts off small with purple leaves, and as it gets bigger the leaves turn green but retain their attractive purple veins. Then come the flowers – lovely spiky blues that look very pretty in a herb bed. ¬†You can use the flowers in salads too, or cut them for vases.

Advantage number four is that it grows well in light shade as well as full sun, which is unusual for basil.

And finally, it’s flavour is great! That’s advantage number five. Make pesto with this herb and you’ll be eating spaghetti all summer.