3 ways to barbecue corn-on-the-cob

There’s nothing quite like homegrown, barbecued corn-on-the-cobs. The key is to cook them fresh on the same day that you pick them to get the best flavour. BBQ them in any of our 3 different ways below and you’ll be delighted!

  1. In the husk
    Pick your corn-on-the-cobs, make sure you’ve cut the stalk back if needs be and pop them in a bowl of water to soak for an hour while you get the BBQ on the go. Once the coals have turned white, take the cobs out of the water, shake them off and place on the grill. Cook them for approx 20mins, turning them every 5 mins.
  2. In foil
    Strip the husk of leaves, pull off any excess silks and then dress your cob with whatever seasoning you like – a little drizzle of oil or a knob of butter, some salt and pepper, perhaps some chilli or a squeeze of lime – then wrap it in foil and cook over the BBQ for 20 mins, turning every 5 mins until cooked.
  3. Naked
    The trick to cooking them naked is to parboil them first. It works a treat. Just peel off the leaves, pull off any excess silks and add to a pan of boiling water for 5 mins. Then you can pop them straight on the BBQ grill, turning them every few minutes until they are gloriously charred all over.