3 Ways with Sprouts

Stir Fried Sprouts

Finely slice your sprouts before stir-frying them quickly with some chilli flakes and garlic slices. Season with sea salt and serve. Alternatively, fry off some bacon lardons before adding the sliced sprouts and a handful of chestnuts (vacuum-packed ones, chopped up). Once cooked, add a knob of butter and some sea salt before serving.

Roast them!

We really love them like this… they are simply the best! Toss the sprouts (whole or halved) with rapeseed oil and season with sea salt. Put them in a roasting tray  and roast in a hot oven for 20-25 mins. Give them a squeeze of lemon juice when you take them out. That’s all they need to be really yummy!

Sprouts with herby lentils

This is a good way to make a bit more of your sprouts, and makes an especially good vegetarian dish. Halve your sprouts, lengthways, before parboiling them for 3-5 minutes so that they are just cooked through. Drain and leave them to dry in the colander. Meanwhile, get a wok on the heat with a little olive oil. Add the steam dried sprouts and cook until they just start to go brown. Then add half a can of cooked green lentils and half a cup of veg stock. Let the lentils heat through as the stock evaporates before adding a handful of chopped parsley, a glug of olive oil and seasoning with sea salt and pepper.