Cheat’s Squash Stuffing

If you want to spruce up the stuffing a little bit, then this is a nifty way to do it, and it’s really tasty! Just roast up some of your winter squashes – peel them, chop into chunks and drizzle with olive oil. Roast them in a hot oven until cooked through. You’ll only need a small amount and any extra can be popped into a soup or risotto.

Once you have your squash ready, just make your stuffing as normal using whichever stuffing mix you have chosen. Sage and onion is always a safe bet, but you can use any. Mash about 3tbsp of your squash with a fork. Once you’ve made the stuffing mixture, add in the mashed squash and mix it all up well.

Roll into balls or put into an oven proof dish and cook as normal.