Is it too late to plant out?

yellow summer squash plant

This is definitely our question of the week! It must be something to do with the bank holiday and half term… The answer is “no”. It is most definitely not too late to be planting out. You’ve got weeks to go before it’s too late. And in fact, there is a lot to be said for planting out in June and even through into the middle of July.  Here’s why…The ground is warmer. And this means that the plants you plant now, or over the next few weeks, will grow FASTER than if they had been planted 4 weeks ago when the ground was cooler.

But don’t worry if you already planted out a few weeks ago. This doesn’t mean you’ve planted too early. Your plants are probably doing just fine and will be growing nicely in the warmer weather we’ve been having lately. Give it another couple of weeks and you can plant a second batch alongside these plants for another crop a little later in the season.