Perfect Veg for Growing in Pots

Basket of Fire Chilli PepperGrowing in pots is a brilliant way to make the most of a small space, or to get a veg patch going quickly and easily without having to put in raised beds or anything, and you can really get a good crop from just a few pots. But some plants do grow better in pots than others, and our little list here should help you decide what to plant in pots this season….

12 veg plants that grow well in pots:
Dwarf French Green Beans >
Dwarf Hestia Runner Bean >
Peas >
Courgettes >
Tiny Tim Tomatoes >
Demon Red Chillies >
Green Salad Bowl Lettuce >
Rainbow Chard >
Spinach >
Wild Rocket >
Spring Onions >
Strawberries > (not technically a veg plant, but still great for pots!)