3 things to do in the garden this weekend – 4 June

We’re wondering when this wonderful weather will break?! Hopefully not too soon as it’s quite nice to be warm in the sunshine, although there is definitely an argument to say that the garden could use a little rain…in the meantime, here are a few things to get on with in the veg patch this weekend.

  • Make sure the earth has still got moisture in it – dig down a few inches to check. If it’s dry, it’s time to give your plants a very long drink. We’ve got a watering guide for you to read if you missed it last week.
  • Check the underside of brassicas (broccolis, cabbages etc) for any yellow or white eggs that may have been laid by butterflies…if you find them, wipe them off now before they turn into very hungry caterpillars and eat your crops.
  • Pinch out side shoots on tomato plants. If you’re growing cordon varieties (the type that grow upright rather than as bushes) then have a quick look to see if there are any shoots growing between the stem and leaves. If so, simply pinch off with your finger tips. This keeps your tomato plant from becoming unruly and will make it concentrate more on producing fruit for you.


How to pinch out tomatoes