Make the most of your greenhouse/polytunnel

If you’re emptying your greenhouse or polytunnel of summer crops, then now is a great time to fill it again with veggies to keep you going over winter. You could plant any of our autumn plants in your greenhouse, but if you’re limited on space, then these are the ones we’d suggest giving first dibs:

Bulb Fennel

Bulb fennel will do better grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel at this time of year, and is a good addition to any winter greens and salad leaves that you might be growing.


If you have a greenhouse or polytunnel, you can grow beetroot over the autumn. You can harvest the larger leaves to use as chard while the roots are growing, and should be able to pull them up in early spring, if not sooner depending on how much warmth and sunshine we get over the next few weeks..

Winter Lettuces

You should be able to keep winter lettuce plants growing well right through till early springĀ  by planting them in a greenhouse or polytunnel where they are not exposed to frost and heavy rainfalls. Use some as cut and come again and leave others to mature, and you can harvest them whole in late winter/early spring.

Pak Choi & Tatsoi

A good reason to plant these in a greenhouse or polytunnel is that they are very popular with slugs, and it can be easier to keep slug numbers down in the greenhouse environment – the soil is not quite so damp all the time etc. Both tatsoi and pak choi can be used as cut and come again, making them a useful addition to the winter greenhouse for a supply of greens through till spring.


Quick growing, radish plants can easily be popped in between other veg plants in the greenhouse, and harvested within a few weeks. They’ll do well for the extra warmth which keeps them growing fast.