Pretty, tasty veg

These flowers are the flowers of the Jerusalem Artichoke. They’re pretty, aren’t they? In this post we explore some really decorative veg that you could happily grow in flower beds and borders.

Globe Artichokes

Majestic globe artichokes with their big, spiky leaves and purple flowers make quite a statement, and look great in borders. They’re perennial too so will come back year after year.

Asparagus Pea

Asparagus Pea

Such sweet crimson red flowers, these little plants grow to about 30cm tall and don’t need any support. great for popping at the front of beds.

Cavolo Nero

These dark, textured leaves grow quite tall and look brilliant in borders. Plus they are super healthy and really tasty.

Jerusalem Artichoke

A member of the sunflower family, these tubers produce tall, yellow flowers in abundance. They make a good windbreak, and definitely bring a good dose of sunshine yellow to the veg patch!

Climbing Beans

It’s easy and effective to pop a wigwam in amongst the border with beautiful bean plants winding their way up and around, dotted with flowers. Good for bees too!

Climbing Courgette

New to our Courgette & Squash selection is Tromboncino, a climbing courgette that puts out tendrils in much the same was as sweet peas. Grow it up a trellis at the back of a bed, or over an archway. Very effective!