Short on space? Try vertical growing

Using the concept of vertical growing can really help you to get maximum yield from the smallest amount of space. It is ideal for town gardens and patios.

There are two basic options for growing vertically:

  1. Use a trellis or wires against a wall for plants to climb up. This works well for climbing beans, squashes and pumpkins which can be trained vertically, cucumbers and melons. All you’d need at the base is a couple of grow bags or decent sized containers.
  2. Create growing space against walls. For example, hang pots and containers from walls or over balcony railings (at all different heights and intervals), use old gutters attached to walls, or use a pallet on its side leaning against a wall to make narrow planting rows. This works well for salad leaves, bush varieties of tomatoes (like Tiny Tim), herbs (as in the main picture above) and dwarf varieties of beans, peas and kales.

Growing vertically just requires a wall that gets a good bit of sunshine and a bit of creative thinking. We highly recommend getting onto pinterest for some inspiration. Our board will start you off…