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Winter Squash – Marina di Chioggia

(3 Plug Plants)

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Decorative and deliciously tasty

We like this one for a Hallowe’en display with its brilliant knobbly skin! Don’t carve it though as it is a great storer and best eaten in the winter months long after harvesting. The fruits are quite big (around 4-5kg) with vivid orange flesh that roasts well. Cut into chunky wedges and roast with the skin on, then peel when cooked.

Number of plants: 3 plug plants

Variety: Marina di Chioggia (organic*)

In the kitchen: For a simple and delicious side dish, try baking this winter squash until the flesh is soft. Also brilliant and tasty in soups. Top tip – cut into big chunks and roast – then peel afterwards, it is much easier!

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