Risk-free planting – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Last year, in a bit of a pandemic panic state of mind, I decided to plant out my Rocket Gardens veggies much earlier than usual, on May 1st. I lost several beans, squashes, peas and a few others within the first few days courtesy of a very cold easterly wind and a couple of very cold nights. This year, I won’t be making the same mistake!

Every year prior to this, I had planted out very happily on around 20th May, and had such good results from doing so. Being that little bit later in the season, the weather was warmer and kinder to the plants, and rather than spending a couple of weeks struggling to get established in cold weather, they just flew into action. I honestly think that the second half of May is the best time to plant out, even here in Cornwall where it is relatively mild.

So, this year, I am following Rocket Gardens’ advice and temporarily planting my little plants in their punnets. I’ve popped them in my sort-of-potting-shed-sort-of-lean-to which, although it doesn’t have a door, is warm, sheltered and has enough light coming through the corrugated plastic roof. With a little watering every other day, they should be just fine and then I will plant them out mid-month when I feel a bit more confident for my veg babies!