Things are finally growing…

What a difference just a couple of days of sunshine can make to how things grow in the polytunnels. Our plants are starting to come along nicely now, and we’ve already been able to ship the first batch of some hardier plants already.

We ship plants using a fairly complicated system that allows us to select any orders that can be completely fulfilled, working on a first-come-first-served basis. For those who have ordered more tender crops, like tomatoes, chillies, beans, squashes, sweetcorn and courgettes, we won’t be shipping your order until those tender plants are ready to go. But for those who have just ordered one or two brassicas or some leeks and carrots, you may find your order is shipped a little earlier than anticipated!

We do our best to communicate well about your order, so please do look out for emails from us over the next few weeks if you have placed an order. It takes us several weeks to get all the orders shipped, but our team work as hard as they possibly can to carefully pick, pack and send as many orders as they can every day, and we hope to be able to ship most pre-orders by mid to late May. We’ll keep you posted!

Here's what you can plant soonest

Here are a few plants that seem to be growing really well in the polytunnels, that we expect to ship over the next week or so (unless you also have other slower-growing plants in your order as explained above, in which case we wait until all the plants can be sent in one go!)