Make your own...Festive Candles

You will need:

– Rocket Gardens Festive Foliage

– Hessian Material

– Gardening Twine

– Glue Gun or Safety Pins

– Scissors

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Cut a strip of hessian to fit around your candle and attach it together at the back with a glue gun or safety pin.

2. Wrap the gardening twin around the hessian and tie into a pretty bow at the front.

3. Take a small piece of foliage (e.g. a sprig of holly or a short stem of rosemary) and tuck in behind your bow.

4. Ta dah!!

If you're a fancy pants...

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious you can create a small foliage arrangement, with various different bits of greenery bunched together with floristry wire and tuck this in behind your bow to spruce up your candle further.