Make your own...Rosemary Snowflakes

Perfect for hanging on walls, windows or staircases.

rosemary snowflake

You will need:

– 4 Sprigs of Rocket Gardens Rosemary (all measuring roughly the same length

– Gardening Twine

– Floristry Wire (or something similar like a food bag tie)

– Scissors

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Using two sprigs of rosemary each time place the sprigs together to from a cross shape.

2. Use the floristry wire to bound the two springs of rosemary together in the centre of each cross.

3. Place two crosses together and form a snowflake shape.

4. Using floristry wire bound the two crosses together in the centre.

Ta dah!!

Create a set of snowflakes...

Cut sets of four sprigs of rosemary into varying sizes to create different sized snowflakes. Use gardening twine to hang them up in groups – this looks lovely in the window!