Midsummer Planting Guide

We are still in planting season – there’s a mistaken belief that everything needs to be planted out in spring, but there is so much to plant now, and doing so will give you a great crop from late summer through to winter, depending on what you plant…

Salad Leaves for August/September

Salad Leaves grow really quickly now - a good one to plant up to replace those that might have bolted, to fill gaps and to grow in pots.

Kale & Chard for Autumn harvesting

A great addition to the veg garden at this time of year, be sure to net the kale against butterflies and pigeons though!

Roots/Bulbs for Mid Autumn

If you get these in the ground in early July, you should be able to harvest in September or early October

Fruiting Crops for Early Autumn

Dwarf beans, courgettes and aubergine should grow really fast now, so pop some in a growbag or pot in a sunny spot

Brassicas for Winter

July and early August are great times for planting brassicas to harvest in winter - cabbages, cauliflower and sprouts!

Don't Forget the Herbs!

Such a wonderful addition, herbs will produce plenty of leaves over the next few months to spruce up your homegrown meals