Midsummer Planting Guide

As we hit midsummer, there is so much to plant and doing so will give you a great crop from late summer through to winter, depending on what you plant…

Salad Leaves for August/September

Salad Leaves grow really quickly now, and you'll be harvesting just two or three weeks after planting - plant them up to replace those that might have bolted, to fill gaps or to grow in pots.

Kale & Chard for Autumn harvesting

These are a great addition to the veg garden at this time of year, be sure to net the kale against butterflies and pigeons though! By planting now, you'll probably have a good supply through autumn and on into early winter.

Roots/Bulbs for Mid Autumn

If you get beetroot, carrots and turnips in the ground in late June/early July, you should be able to harvest in September or early October. You could also plant celeriac and parsnips for winter. Fennel can grow quickly too, with a harvest in September.

Fruiting Crops for Early Autumn

Dwarf beans, courgettes and aubergine should grow really fast now, so pop some in a growbag or pot in a sunny spot. It's a good time to plant tomatoes outside too, now that the weather is warmer.

Brassicas for Winter

July and early August are great times for planting brassicas to harvest in winter - cabbages, cauliflower and sprouts!

Don't Forget the Herbs!

Such a wonderful addition, herbs will produce plenty of leaves over the next few months to spruce up your homegrown meals