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  • Quick Growing Salad Collection

    Quick Growing Salad Collection

    (90 Plants)

    This little collection just keeps giving
    If you are keen to begin harvesting tasty salads in just a couple of weeks after planting, then this easy to grow little pack of cut and come again salad plants is perfect for you.

    You’ll receive various different salad plants, with 3 types of lettuce, as well as spinach, rocket, mizuna, mustard leaves, chard and beetroot.


    Number of plants: 90

    Can be grown in: Raised beds or pots. Find out more in our growing guide below.

    In the kitchen: Pick a few leaves from each to make your own mixed salad and ditch the supermarket salad bags this summer.

    Can be delivered from: Late April to July.

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.