Unusual leaves for punchy salads

Giant Red Mustard

Growing your own is always a good opportunity to try some new and unusual foods that are rarely available in the shops. There are plenty of interesting salad leaves to grow over the next few months…

Giant Red Mustard

Giant Red Mustard

This is an absolute winner for winter growing. Baby leaves add a mustardy flavour to salads, larger leaves can be wilted down like spinach. Punchy.

Land Cress

Really similar in flavour to water cress, this is a great one to grow for light accompaniments to juicy steaks or burgers.

red mizuna

Red Mizuna

These are tangy leaves that are great in salads, adding both colour and strong flavour. Grow them under cover or in a mild location and they should crop right through the colder months.

corn salad

Corn Salad

A great salad leaf to grow in pots, and usually ready to harvest from November onwards. It has a slightly nutty flavour and soft leafy texture.

winter purslane

Winter Purslane

This tastes quite similar to baby leaf spinach and grows amazingly well in winter. Definitely a good choice for tasty salads!

frills mustard

Frills Mustard

Ooh, these are just lovely. They are slightly milder in flavour than Giant Red Mustard, but still give  nice mustardy punch. The leaves look great too.